K9-Design creations are great show trophies because they are...

• Customized just for your event
• Beautiful
• Economical for the Club
• Easy to Ship, Transport and display
• Treasured by winners
• Not just another dust collector!

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Decorative vehicle magnets from K9-Design are the perfect solution to your club’s specialty trophy needs!

Tired of offering the same old wood carvings, glassware or breed nick-nacks? Highly attractive, functional and affordable, our magnet trophies are very unique and big hits among exhibitors!

Magnets are also very practical for the host club, they are easily shipped, packaged and displayed, and are sturdy enough to withstand the hustle and bustle of the show environment, along with the trip home in an exhibitor’s suitcase or over-stuffed van.

Design and colors of magnets are totally customizable to your club’s needs. The most popular trophy is the breed design combined with show rosette, with the rosette matching the AKC or parent club ribbon color scheme (purple & yellow for Best of Breed, for example). Magnets can be personalized with the club initials, show date, location, etc.

K9-Design.com also can create custom designs incorporating the club logo, specialty theme or any other concept. The only limit is your imagination!

Please contact Anney@K9-Design.com to request a free sample proof for your club to consider. Download the brochure and price list by clicking the link below.


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